Factorit S.p.A.

The Factoring Company of Banca Popolare di Sondrio

Factorit SpA was founded in December 1978 by a group of Italian Cooperative Banks. Today it is one of the foremost Italian player in the factoring market not only by volumes but also by technological innovation, professionalism and flexibility.

The shareholding structure of Factorit consists of Banca Popolare di Sondrio, the controlling shareholder, Banco BPM, with the following share:
  • Banca Popolare di Sondrio: 60.5%
  • Banco BPM: 39.5%

The company's wide range of products is dedicated both to enterprises acting in national and international markets. In facts, further to the basic mix of factoring services: Receivables Financing, Credit Protection and Receivables Management, Factorit Spa offers a set of special products tailored to the needs of some important industrial and trading sectors.

Factorit Spa has a nationwide presence made of 6 branches (Bologna, Milano, Padova, Roma, Siena and Torino). Its factoring services are also distributed through more than 6.000 counters of the associated Cooperative Banks (Banche Popolari).

Factorit Spa is strongly committed in promoting international factoring transactions and is a member of Factors Chain International, a worldwide network of factors.

  Contact:   Mario Torchia
International Manager

Telephone +39 02 58150354
Telefax +39 02 58150332
E-mail mario.torchia@factorit.it
Factoring assists enterprises to grow and improve their competitiveness. It is more and more recognized as strategic both to the financial and credit management needs of companies.

International factoring works in the same way to domestic and it meets the requirements of exporters that, by offering open terms of payment, aim to become more competitive in the complex world markets.

Receivables Financing
The capital tied up in receivables can be turned into cash at a fixed percentage of the invoice amount.

Credit Protection
The buyer insolvency risk can be mitigated. Without Recourse factoring offers up to 100% of credit coverage for undisputed invoices.

Receivable Management
The sales ledger management and collection activities can be outsourced. Factoring provides highly developed services both to domestic and international receivables. In addition, a comprehensive set of information and data to run the business is also given via WeFactoring internet connection.

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